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Athletics: GAA Championship Sat in Accra

Aths TicsGhana athletics

The poor state of the tartan tracks at the El-Wak Stadium will prove a major obstacle for athletes when the first Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) Championship takes place on Saturday.
The championship, open to all local Ghanaian athletes, aims at offering them the opportunity to meet the qualification standards for entry into international athletic competitions such as the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, African Senior Championships and the World Junior Championships.
However, the deplorable state of the only standard athletic track in Accra means athletes looking to excel risk sustaining injuries in the process.
“Any person with athletic ability can register and compete in any discipline they are interested in provided we have the equipment,” Dr Marc Dzradosi, the Treasurer of the GAA told the Graphic Sport on Tuesday in an interview.
“Our only constraint is pole vault, where we may not get the pole required for the jump.
“The event is open to anyone and it is meant to nurture and develop local talent. It is also open for free to all spectators and participants.”
Addressing the state of the track, Dr Dzradosi said despite the poor state of the track athletes could still record impressive times with the only threat being the risk of injury.
“They can make the time because it is not the whole track that is in a poor state but there is also the risk of injury because they will be using spikes.
He also disclosed that the first Circuit Championship will take place on February 27 in Bolgatanga.


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