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Man caught redhanded invoking gods to kill Torgbui Badu IV

Trouble is looming large in Anyako in the Volta Region after an old man by the name Ladzekpo was caught red-handed in the sacred forest of the Royal Badu clan invoking the gods to kill newly enstooled head of the Klevia Clan of Anlo, Torgbui Badu IV of Anyako.

Torgbui Badu, a world title winning boxing trainer known in private life as Paul Dogboe, was not the only person the said Ladzekpo wanted dead, but indeed the entire male children of the Royal Badu household, apparently in a bid to wipe off the family.

Torgbui Badu IV of Anyako delivers first speech as head of Klevia Clan of Anlo – Anyako, V/R, Ghana – 07/10/2023

Luck however was not the side of Mr. Ladzekpo as he was chanced upon by certain youth of the community in the forest, inciting the gods against the newly enstooled chief and his family.

According to eyewitness accounts and evidence of the fetish food he was offering to the gods, Ladzekpo could not argue against the accusations that he was there to incite the gods to kill.

He was consequently arrested and taken to the Police station where he was put behind bars, pending a court case.

Evidence of the wrong fetish food Ladzekpo was caught red-handed trying to offer to the gods to anger them into killing Torgbui Badu IV

According to traditional Anlo custom, to invoke the gods to kill is to offer them the food they don’t like which makes them angry, upon which they will strike an intended victim.

The mission of Ladzekpo as he was heard by eyewitnesses was for the gods to kill Torgbui Badu IV and also all male children of the Royal Badu family, in a clear attempt to wipe them out of the surface of the earth by sacrificing wrong food to the gods.

For the benefit of their clansman across the world, the situation is hereby recounted in the native Ewe language:

Ewɔ be wokpɔ Agbotaɖua Safokla Ladzekpo le tɔgbui Baɖu ƒe anyigbadzi afisi trɔ alo vedu aɖele, le aveme, esi me wo le nuɖuɖu sike trɔ alo vedu sia me ɖuna o la tsɔm nɛ alo tsoe levɔsam nɛ, hele tɔgbui baɖu enelia kple ehlɔtsuwo ƒe ŋkɔyɔm na trɔ sia be na woa wuwo.

Ewɔ be ya wɔm wole elabena égbe be yema nye tɔgbui baɖu enelia ƒe agbota oo. Nukata wo dze be nayi tɔgbui baɖu ƒe aveme anɔvɔsam kple nuɖuɖusike trɔ me ɖuna o.

New king in town: Torgbui Badu IV being carried through the streets of Anyako after his enstoolment – Anyako, V/R, Ghana – 07/09/2023

Ya kple nutsuvi si woyɔ nabe Doza kpa kple amidze, ame etɔ siadzie asidzele ava me;

Ewɔ abe wo tɔgbui baɖu enelia dem asi ne trɔa kple ehlɔtsuwo be woa gble ya kple ƒoma dome.eyata wo kplɔ wo yi ɖe kpovi tɔ wo gbɔ asime nuɖuɖu si wo tsɔ vɔsam na trɔ ha le wosi, nu ɖuɖu abe zomi, dzekple kplenuɖuɖusiwo ko trɔa me ɖuna oo.

Hmmm ewɔ nuku alegbegbe be 2023 sia amewo gale ame wuwu dzile Anyako ɖu me.

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