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NSA Ashanti Region celebrate Ghana Month with Emotional Intelligence training in Sports Administration

Ghanaians commemorate what is known as Ghana Month or Heritage Month in March each year.

March is a particularly significant month since it is the anniversary of the nation’s independence.

The nation gains independence on March 6th, 1957.

Ghana Month is an initiative started by the government to promote products made locally. You can attest to how beautiful and colourful our staff members and stakeholders are looking in their different and rich Ghanaian traditional attires to promote Ghana. This month provides an opportunity to reflect on our history, celebrate our cultural diversity, and assess the present to preserve our collective culture for future generations.

The Ashanti Regional Directorate of the National Sports Authority (NSA), led by Mr. Kwame Baa Mensa, selected this significant theme for this year’s Ghana Month celebrations in recognition of the critical need for mastering emotional intelligence, the immense task ahead of the public institution, the diverse clientele of sports enthusiasts, and the need to fully capitalise on the unexplored areas of opportunity within the operational jurisdiction.


The event was held on Thursday, March 28, 2024, at the regional directorate office.

Ashanti Regional Directorate of the National Sports Authority (NSA), led by Mr. Kwame Baa Mensa

Acting Ashanti Regional Director of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Mr. Kwame Baa Mensa

All of the NSA staff members attended the unique event dressed in vibrant traditional Ghanaian attire.

With the requisite emotional intelligence for sports administration as well as the requisite efficiency in the workplace, the attendees were certified.




Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, Greetings from the Director General of the National Sports Authority Hon. Dodzie Numekevor who assumed office a couple of weeks ago and under his management and leadership we are gathered here as staff members and stakeholders to celebrate our Ghana month and appreciate the carefully selected theme for this maiden event in the Ashanti Regional Directorate of the Authority.

On behalf of our hardworking staff members and stakeholders who daily promote and encourage the organization, development of sports and the management of public sporting facilities in the country, it is a great honour and personal pleasure to welcome you here on the occasion of our Ghana Month Celebration and our maiden Emotional Intelligence training for our staff members and stakeholders in the administration of our mandate under the sports act, 2016 (act 934 and our newly passed Sports Regulations Act, 2023 (L.I 2477).


In the month of March every year, Ghanaians celebrate what we call the Ghana Month or Heritage Month. The country won its independence on the 6th of March so it’s a very special month. The Ghana Month is an initiative started by the government to promote products made locally. You can attest to how beautiful and colourful our staff members and stakeholders are looking in their different and rich Ghanaian traditional attires to promote Ghana.

This month provides an opportunity to reflect on our history, celebrate our cultural diversity, and assess the present to preserve our collective culture for future generations.

We, at the National Sports Authority in the Ashanti Region chose this important theme realizing the enormous importance of Emotional Intelligence mastering and the huge task ahead as a public institution and our varied clients and sports enthusiasts and to fully harness our untapped areas of opportunity in our operational jurisdiction.


Emotionally intelligent people can communicate with others in a healthy, constructive way which increase workplace productivity. They are also able to boost morale when needed since they can read others emotions easily. In this regard, we settled on no other person than Ghana’s first qualified Emotional Intelligence Master Coach, the Founder and CEO of Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence, Mr. James Kwesi Addison.



Ladies and Gentlemen, permit me to share with you a few of my Directorates vision and plans in the coming days and months to ensure the effective development, promotion and marketing of sports in the region including an all-inclusive roadmap for the management of our public sporting facilities in the region, including the famous Baba Yara Sports Stadium, Kumasi among others.

It is the vision of the National Sports Authority Nationwide to make public sporting facilities readily available for our sports men and women to prepare them for national and international sporting assignments, in this regard, we shall step up in our duties to ensure the facilities are ready at all times and in good conditions.

We thank HE Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, president of the republic of Ghana and Kudos to my sector Minister, Hon. Mustapha Ussif (MP) for their numerous sports infrastructure initiatives across the country. Posterity will be kind to them.

We shall in the coming days release an official communique on our facility user guidelines (Copy Attached), safety rules and daily management and operational guidelines for our various facility users in the region. We humbly seek the cooperation of all our cherished users and stakeholders in this regard.

  1. With further and sustained support from the Central Government, the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC), Nananom and All stakeholders, we shall collaborate with key agencies to effectively implement our core mandate of sports development and facility management in the Region.
  2. We shall pursue an all-inclusive approach to prudent financial and human resource management to enable us impact on the districts in the Region.
  3. We shall optimize the mobilization of Internally Generated Funds.
  4. We shall stay the course on our strategic plan and policy direction of the National Sports Authority.
  5. We shall optimize our Internal and expenditure controls to position the NSA to effectively carry out its mandate and finally,
  6. Firmly implement NSA’s sports development/Promotion Growth Strategy with a focus on improved service delivery, efficiency and support talent nurturing for Regional and National benefits. In this regard, let me crave your indulgence to recognize our Athletes, who serve with us as National service persons, Messer’s Ansah Sarfo and Beatrice Boakye et al, from the Ashanti Region for their historic feats at the just ended 13th African Games hosted by Ghana. We say Ayeekoo to them and their Coaches.


Ladies and Gentlemen, as part of the Directorates vision to have an impact in all districts in the region, permit me to Launch our Dedicated Telephone contact to enable our Clients, Stakeholders, partner institutions and the general public to give us feedback and also make inquiries on our rental facilities and spaces for their events, hiring’s, advertisement placements and general inquiry. Please call us on 032-219-5579  !!


In closing Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, I thank you all for being here, and a special word of thanks to our old members who accepted to grace this occasion, our distinguished EQ Master Coach, our esteemed stakeholders, clients and the media, all of whom have taken valuable time out of their very intensive schedules to be here today in a highly significant and insightful fashion.




Here are comprehensive guidelines that apply to all users, including coaches, athletes, staff, visitors, clients, and others:

Ø General Conduct: · All users must conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times. · Profanity, aggressive behavior, and discrimination of any kind are strictly prohibited. · Users must adhere to all posted signs, instructions from staff, and facility policies.

Ø Entry and Access: · Access to the facility is restricted to authorized individuals only. · Users must check-in at designated entry points and present valid identification or credentials when required. · Unauthorized entry or access to restricted areas is prohibited.

Ø Safety and Security: · Users are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. · Report any hazards, accidents, or suspicious activity to facility staff immediately. · Emergency exits and evacuation procedures must be followed in case of fire or other emergencies.

Ø Equipment Use: · Sports equipment and facilities should be used only for their intended purposes. · Users must properly maintain and care for equipment and facilities, reporting any damage or malfunction promptly. · Personal equipment brought into the facility must comply with safety standards and regulations.

Ø Facility Use: · All official transactions, enquiries, i.e. hiring or usage of the facility must pass through the Office of the Regional Director. · All visitors/ other users must sign the Visitors’ Book and be issued a pass before accessing · Staff members must sign their respective Attendance Book(s) and display their approved staff IDs at all times.

Ø Hygiene and Cleanliness: · Users must maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness while using the facilities. · Proper attire, including appropriate footwear, must be worn at all times. · Dispose of trash and waste in designated receptacles and keep common areas clean and tidy.

Ø Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco: · The use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco products is strictly prohibited on the premises. · Users under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied entry or asked to leave the facility.

Ø Pets and Animals: · Pets and animals are generally not permitted inside sports facilities, except for service animals assisting individuals with disabilities. · Service animals must be properly controlled and supervised by their owners at all times.

Ø Parking and Transportation: · Users must adhere to designated parking regulations and restrictions. · Obey traffic signs and directions from parking attendants to ensure safe and orderly parking.

Ø Compliance and Enforcement: · Facility staff and security personnel are authorized to enforce rules and regulations and may take appropriate action to address violations. · Users who fail to comply with facility rules may be subject to disciplinary measures, including suspension or expulsion from the premises.

Ø Communication and Feedback: · Users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for improving facility operations and services. · Facility management will communicate important updates, events, and changes to users through signage, announcements, or online channels.

Thank you




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